Teamsters Western Region & Local 177 | FAQs

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Why did I receive a personalized letter from CVS Caremark saying my drug would no longer be covered?

The Performance Drug List (the list of covered drugs—also called the “formulary”) changes routinely throughout the year. If you’ve received a notification that your current medication won’t be covered as of January 1, 2020, please disregard that letter. To ensure a seamless transition from Express Scripts to CVS Caremark, Performance Drug List changes to any medication you are taking now will not take effect until July 1, 2020.  January 2020 Preferred Drug List

Who does it serve?

About 40,000 UPS Teamsters (plus family members) in 11 western states and NJ Local 177.

Who directs the Plan?

A board comprised equally of Teamsters and company trustees directs the Plan.  The Plan is administered by Southwest Service Administrators, an independent third-party health benefits plan administrator selected by Teamsters Western Region and Local 177 Health Care Plan trustees to manage your health care benefits. It specializes in labor-management fund administration and has worked with Teamster funds and other unions’ funds since 1995.  Southwest Service Administrators has offices in Phoenix and Albuquerque.

I want to cover my eligible family members. Do I need to enroll them?

Yes. You must enroll your eligible family members if you want them to have coverage. You must complete and return all applicable enrollment-related forms and documents within 90 days after the date you’re eligible for coverage. If you have a family status change and want to change your coverage, you must complete and return all applicable forms and documents within 90 days of the status change. If you don’t enroll or make a change in coverage on time, the start of coverage for your eligible family members will be delayed, according to Plan rules.

How will I get my ID cards?

If your employer makes and on-time report of contributions to the Fund made on your behalf, your ID cards will be mailed to you automatically by the applicable plan administrator. They’ll arrive just before the date you’re eligible for coverage to start. If you don’t receive your ID cards on time, contact the Administrative Office (855-215-2039) to verify your address and your eligibility effective date.

Who will handle my calls and emails when I have a question or concern about a medical claim?

Call Blue Cross, Aetna, or Kaiser depending on what network you participate in, as noted on your ID card.

What are the Plan’s deductibles?

The deductible under the Aetna PPO and Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Active Plans has been eliminated for all eligible expenses you have on and after January 1, 2019.

After ratification, negotiating team members raised concerns over the deductible issue.  Trustees found a way to improve on the deductibles.  As a result, there will be no deductible for the first four years of the contract.  Only in the fifth year does a small, one-time annual deductible go into effect.

How does the prescription drug benefit work?

If you are covered under the Aetna or Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, CVS Caremark is your prescription drug plan pharmacy benefit manager. CVS Caremark gives you access to many national and regional network retail pharmacy chains and thousands of independent pharmacies. CVS Caremark also has a mail-order drug program and a specialty drug program. In-network prescription drug copays are very modest: $5 for prescriptions filled at a retail pharmacy and $0 (zero!) for those filled by mail order and through the specialty drug program.