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Defined Contribution Plan – Frequently Asked Questions

The Board of Trustees of the Sheet Metal Workers Local 49 Defined Contribution Pension Plan would like to provide education and the following Frequently Asked Questions regarding your benefits, and encourage you learn about your Plan and become familiar with its benefits.  A complete description of your benefits and the Plan is found in Summary Plan Description and Plan Rules and these FAQs are not a substitute for that document.  OneAmerica provides a user-friendly retirement account website that is designed to help you set retirement goals and track your progress.  The Plan also provides two educational trainings annually to review benefits and answer any questions you may have.  You’ll receive a notice of the next educational meeting soon or you may reach out at any time by dialing (800) 585-3829. Below are some frequently asked questions about your Plan and its Elective Automatic Contribution Arrangement enrollment.


How do I enroll to make elective contributions to the Defined Contribution Plan? 

Go to or contact OneAmerica Retirement Services (800) 858-3829, available 24/7, to enroll online.


How do I access my account?

Go to or contact OneAmerica Retirement Services (800) 858-3829, available 24/7 to enroll online.  You may also visit for a direct link to OneAmerica.


On or after April 1, 2023, employees will be subject to an Elective Automatic Contribution Arrangement (EACA) enrollment.  The EACA allows employees to automatically contribute to the Plan with an automatic wage reduction of 3%, deferred to the Plan for investment. Below, please find Frequently Asked Questions about the Plan and automatic wage deferral.  Please reach out to the Fund Office with any questions you may have. 


The Initial Automatic Enrollment Notice says that this applies to all (Actively working) “newly eligible employees and all current participants.”  Does this include Apprentices?

Yes, all actively working Employees are included on/after April 1, 2023 (including Apprentices). All Participants of the Plan will automatically defer 3% of gross wages to the Plan and has the opportunity to change or opt-out of the automatic deferral wage reduction at any time.


If a current employee has already elected a 401k wage deferral percentage, will the amount be changed to 3%, or will it remain at the current rate?

No. The current 401k wage deferral election percentage in place, even if less than 3% will remain in place.  Only those Employees not currently deferring will begin wage deferral at 3% effective April 1, 2023. Any Employees deferring at a dollar amount per hour have been converted to a corresponding percentage.  The Fund Office has notified Employees by mail, of the required wage reduction change from a flat dollar amount per hour to a percentage of gross wage going forward.


How should an Employee change or opt-out of the 401k automatic wage reduction?

The employee should visit OneAmerica Retirement Services at or dial (800) 858-3829 to change/opt-out of their deferral election.


How will the Employer be notified following an Employee 401k wage deferral reduction change/opt-out?

The Fund Office will notify all Employers and Employees of any changes received from OneAmerica on a weekly basis by email and mail.




Who should Employees contact for return of contributions?

Employees should reach out to the Pension/Retirement Department at the Fund Office by dialing (800) 432-6636/ (505) 265-8422 or by visiting the SSA Portal at A 401k Wage Reduction Return of Contributions Form will also be available on the Fund’s webpage at and can be submitted via Secure Message on the SSA Portal.


How do I find out how much money is in my account?

For account balances, go to or contact OneAmerica Retirement Services (800) 858-3829. You will need your User ID number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access your personal account information.


How do I change my Investment Allocations? 

Go to or contact OneAmerica Retirement Services at (800) 858-3829, available 24/7. You will need a User ID and Login to access your online personal account information.


How do I designate or change my beneficiary?

Complete the Beneficiary Designation Form and return the completed form to the Administrative Office.


When can money be distributed from my account? 

1. At Normal Retirement (age 65 or the 5th anniversary of participation in this plan) as long as you refrain from employment of more than 39 hours per month in the sheet metal industry in the geographic area of the plan.

2. When you terminate employment and do not work for a contributing employer for a period of one Plan Year (April 1 – March 31).

3. When you reach age 55, terminate employment, and refrain from employment for a contributing employer.

4. When you become totally & permanently disabled and receive Social Security Disability benefits

5. When you die, and your beneficiary applies for benefits.

6. When you apply and qualify for a Hardship Withdrawal from your elective contribution account.


How do I apply for a distribution of my Plan benefits? 

Go to or contact OneAmerica Retirement Services at (800) 858-3829, available 24/7 to obtain an application. You will need a User ID and Login to access your online personal account information.


You may visit the Plan’s webpage located for links, documents, information, and mailings for additional information. 


Please also reach out to the Administrative Office at (505) 265-8422/ (800) 432-6636 or with any changes to your address, beneficiary, or life status within 30-days of such event.

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