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Mexico PPO Alliance 


Our Exclusive Mexico PPO Alliance was formed in 2002 in response to a growing need from our clients for service providers along the AZ & CA borders in Mexico. The alliance started with 100 providers in Agua Prieta, Nogales, Mexicali and San Luis and has grown to over 300 providers including the areas of Los Algodones, Naco and Sonoyta. The alliance includes physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, optometrists and most other medical providers. Since 12/31/08, over 20,000 employees (plus dependents) were covered by our Mexico PPO Alliance.


Directorio de Proveedores | Provider Directory

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    • Por favor refiérase al Resumen de Beneficios enumerados a continuación para los co-pagos especificos, limitaciones y exclusiones de cada Plan antes de la prestación o de recivir servicios.  
    • Please refer to each Plan's Summary of Benefits listed below for specific co-pays, limitations and exclusions prior to providing or receiving services.   

Resumen de Beneficios | Summary of Benefits